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Size: 47 x 54 cms

Status: in private property

The idea of this picture was born in the Spring of 2018 in the Netherlands. We were there together with my family. It was an old dream of mine to visit Keukenhof and my husband organized a nice tour to meet wy desire. It was a compelling experience! It is simply a must for anyone who likes flowers! We discovered a modern sculpture imaging two loving people among the green of the park.


The man frames the woman with affactionate passion, with love. the bodies are not worked up in details while the body of the man is made of black stone while the woman is white. This very piece caught me by its elegant, noble simplicity. I started to make my own piece in Autumn. At first I was not successful as I wanted to copy the original one and did not choose the right stamps either. I was that unhappy with my picture that I set it aside. Later on, preparing to Christmas I was thinking what kind of present to make to my husband so I got out the idea again.


Now I started to work in a different way: I put both woman and the man into a great tulip avoiding any resemblance with the original piece. I applied different colours as well. I designed thouroughly each step even the order of claying the single stamps. This picture is a message and a promise which can really be understood only by one man…

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