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Size: 52,5 x 44 cms
Status: in private property

"Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt" - Tribute to Freddie Mercury 

(first line of a Hungarian folk song)


The story of my first „singing picture” is very interesting. In a nice evening when making the usual sorting of stamps I found a number of stamps imaging birds. Not many pieces of each but many nice different birds. What can I do with these stamps, how can I show birds on a stamp painting? Suddenly a nice piece of recollection appeared to me from my youth. My son David used to go to a special kindergarten where they learnt music as well. Eva, their teacher presented the notes to the children by showing them swallows on the different rows of electricity wires. This piece of recollection gave me the idea to imagine notes by stamps with birds. But which song should the birds sing on the picture? At first my idea was that it should be the English ABC but later I dropped this idea as I could not illlustrate it well. I wanted to imagine a song by the birds which is nice on picture too.


Thus I found the Hungarian folk song the first line fo which sounds: „Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt” (Wind of the Spring flushes water…) This was the picture which I could imagine for myself: woods, trees, flowers, the Sun, watercourse. It was not an easy task for myself. The number of notes and the measures of the stamps with birds stipulated the measures of the picture as well. I was quick in making the meadow  in flowers and the watercourse ready, but I got much slower the solution for the green of the woods and the blue of the sky. Originally I planned to have two trees but finally I scratched one of them as I did not like it. The final image of the sky is also of a second paste. It was a large surface which is not easy to make to be intriguing. It was not easy either to use the stamps with the birds to show the nice birds on them really well. And when I was ready with the picture it came to the mind of my husband that this song was sung by Freddy Mercury on the Queen’s 1986 Budapest concert together with seventy thousand fans. The necessary tool  to make the song to be sung by the picture was found by my already grown up son, David so taking this really family picture all together it is a real tribute to Freddy Mercury.

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