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51_Tavirózsák kövekkel kagylókkal_Water lillies with stones ans shells.png

Size: 59 x 39 cms

Status: on offer

Water Lilies with Stones and Shells

I saw a very nice stamp with yellow water lilies on it. This made me to remember to a day spent on the Margaret Island in Budapest. Margaret Island is a very nice island in the middle of the town flowing the Danube on both sides of it. One can hardly find a building there as the whole island practically is a huge park with Christian architectual ruines, walkways with sculptures and small lakes. I was there many years ago together with my younger son. He climbed on to every tree while I took photos almost about everything. Finallly we arrived to a small lake. Turtles were swimming between the lilies, we threw pieces of bread for them into the water.


And now I made my own lake with lilies blowing in it, with stones on the shore and other greens in the background.


My stamp choice might seem to be bold as I used stamps issued between the two world wars imaging the king’s crown to form the lilies. The other interesting feature is the background of the picture. It is not neutral at all as usually backgrounds are but it is much more thrilling. I used many types of stamps to form the stones while the green part was made by using only one type of stamp but is is not dull at all. Finally I demented the effect with some cane piles and the picture was ready.

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