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The Poppies of the Tower

52_A Tower pipacsai_Poppies in the Tower.png

Size: 47 x 46 cms

Status: on offer

This picture was born in January 2019. We were preparing ourselves to the Spring Stampex when we got the idea to make a special picture for the occasion just make joy for the hosts. It happenned in the same time that one of my acquaintences asked me for a picture with poppies. These two ideas were connected at once in my mind and drew some pieces of recollections out. My husband told me earlier that to remember to the 100th anniversary of the Great War 888,246 pieces of poppies made out of ceramics for the occasion were placed around the Tower remembering to the British victims of the War. Poppies are the symbols of the warfield. According to the legend poppy is the only flower which can grow on the blooded warfield over the bodies of the warmen killed in action. Poppies around the Tower were subjects of a huge charity action as well. When the event around the Tower was finished all pieces were sold and the proceeds ere given to charity organizations.


To make the picture I needed stamps with poppies, anyhow. I turned to one of my friends who is a stamp collector. He sent me 120 pieces at once by return of post, thus everything was there to work. In the process of making the picture a new idea arose. I wanted to figure the Queen as well as she visited the venue too. I searched for the appropriate stamp for hours, but finally I got it. This was the way how the Queen got into one of the windows while poppies are puring out from the other one.

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