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Spring Mandala

57_Tavaszi mandala_Spring Mandala.png

Size: 27 x 31 cms

Status: on offer

I have made picture already about Autumn so now I wished to make one to feature Spring. I am always seduced by flowers blossoming in Spring. After the long, dull Winter the variegation of flowers is refreshing for both the eyes and soul. I looked through my stamp stock what kind of Spring flowers I disposed with: I found violet, poppy and also Spring adonis. All these stamps were of old Hungarian issues. I looked also into another package, this one contained Dutch stamps and I found among them a very interesting one shaped a triangle.  Its shape and colours enslaved me and I felt only that I had found the ideal stamp to back the flowers.


The shape of the „Spring mandala” was not deliberatley made at all, I simply tried to find something catching before I got this hexagonal form. I finished the picture when I started to look more deeply into the Dutch stamps I used. To my surprise it turned out that they were issued for Christmas. Eventually I discovered also the candle in the middle of each deviding the stamp into two halfs. It is also a major part of the story of this picture that on my halfway I ran out of the Dutch stamps so I turned for help to my stamp collector friend who sent me the necessary lot at once. I would like to send a big thank you this way also to the Sutoczky family for their very kind help.

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