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Self Portrait with Apple

önarckép-almával (2).png

Size: 28 x 29 cms

Status: in private property

The idea of making a self portrait still remained even after making the „Shadow”. And finally Andy Warhol appeared and helped me. We went to Bekescsaba, a city in Southern Hungary to see an Andy Warhol exhibition in the local museum. I found a picture there about a Queen from Africa. Warhol used an altered photo of the Queen to make the picture. I knew at once that I would use a picture as well to make my self-portrait. There is a photo of me which I like very much. We wre just leaving home and I ate an apple. If I remember well we were on going to the Tate Modern in London. This was just a stolen moment without any wry smile.


I printed the picture thus but I felt I did not reach the best result as everything used to be made of stamps on all my pictures. Having thought this over I knew at once what to do. I printed the picture on the back of a stamp sheet in black-and-white. To finish the picture having done the print did not cause a problem. The hat and the jacket are blues o I looked for stamps in blue. I found nice Dutch stamps featuring yellow tulips for the backgound. This is the stoty of this special picture of mine.

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