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Woman in Hat

60_Nő kalappal_Woman in Hat.png

Size: 35 x 24 cms

Status: in private property

This picture is the third in the self portait series. I employed a shape used already earlier but the hat of this picture was born in my fantasy only. Maybe I dream on hats of this type ? I used m yhavourite colours, the blue and red.The stamps arrived from the Netherland again. It was a big dilemma what stamps to use to form the face and the body?


I painted with these stamps once laready in 2017 when I used them to make the backgound of m ypicture « The Woman ». The stamps feature famous German women, the title of the series is : Women in the German history. There is politician, composer-pianist, painter, sportslady, actress, phisicist, philosopher, writer, feminist, singer, poet and dancer among them. What do I wish by saying all this ? Maybe I want to say hat like every woman I am a very complex person as well.

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