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64_Andy Warhol variációk.png

Size: 46 x 30 cms
Status: in private property

Warhol Variations

I have to confess I had not been familiar with Andy Warhol before I met him first time in the Debrecen Center for Modern and Contemporary Art - MODEM on an exhibition titled Impressions in 2018. Among the great number of canvases of Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso there were some nice pictures of Warhol as well.  Being impressed by his pictures my own picture „Police, upon Andy Warhol” was made after this exhibition. In May 2019 we went even to the city of Bekescsaba to see a great exhibition of Warhol’s works and having impressed much again I made my self-portrait. Finishing this picture I got the idea to feature the artist himself. I read much about him on the internet so I dare say I was acquainted to his art by that time. One of the most known piece of Warhol is a set of four portrait of Marilyn Monroe. I remembered that I posessed with a stamp featuring Marilyn. Whe I fetched it it turned out that ths stamp was one piece of a serie issued for the soccer World Cup organized in the USA in 1994. Other pieces of this serie feature Elvis Presley and John Wayne for example.


The stamp showing Elvis was also made upon a famous Warhol picture. So I had the plan already but my task still was to find a good picture about Warhol himself. I used my special technique again, I printed the picture chosen by me on the back of a stamp sheet. The face and the hand remained black and white while the backgorund and his clothes were painted by me with stamps. Fortunately enough the stamps featuring the Queen offer a wide choice of colours so I could use colours characteristic to him. The final step was to find Marilyn’s and Elvis’s place so you can see them on the lenses of his spectacle.

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