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63_Kicsi kocsi_Little Car.png

Size: 50 x 37 cms

Status: on offer

Little Car

When sorting a bunch of stamps I found a nice serie of stamps from Afghanistan featuring cars. I had already made a picture by using stamps about old-timer cars I decided, nevertheless, to deal with this topic once more. I penciled a car and it turned out how much the drawing resembled the one I had pictured earlier. Might be these cars would be my favourite ones? I was looking for the colour which harmonized with the very different colours of the stamps, with lilac, green, yellow. One has to know that I can not mix clolours myself, I use colours provided by my stamps in my art.


Sometimes I have to look for the right solution for hours among the miriads of stamps. In some cases the low number of stamps available might cause also problem. When I do not find the right ones in my stock I turn to my friends or a „re-calculation” comes. To paint this picture I used stamps from Afghanistan, France and Great-Britain so I might say my Little car is the result of an international cooperation: the raw-material was supplied by Afghanistan, France and Great-Britain while the planning and delivery is Hungarian! Could it be possible in the reality? Why not?

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