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62_Debreceni Nagytemplom_Great Church Debrecen.png

Size: 58 x 46 cms
Status: in private property

Great Church - Debrecen

I had be thinking for a long time to make a picture about my city, for my city. But what should have been the exact topic of it? If a Hungarian overhears „Debrecen” two things would come to his or her mind: the Calvinistic Great Church and the Flower Carnival in August. But how can these two things be connected? The solution came very quickly.


I had to paint the Great Church by using flowers! But what kind of flowers to use? The colours were decided quickly as the colours of Debrecen were blue and yellow. I found stamps with yellow flowers very quickly, I had received them from the Hungarian Post. And how to find blue flowers? I turned again to my helpmate Csaba if he could support me with blue flowers. It turned out later that there were not many such stamps at all in the world but he could find the right one. So I had everything together to start working. I drew the silhuette of the Great Church as the first step and then I placed the stamps on the draw to see the effect. Looking at the „picture” I realized at once that there was one thing I had completely forgotten. This was the backgound of course! What kind of stamps could have given the best backgound? I recollected a series featuring churches. I got my computer and opened the Colnect catalogue. Should I need any stamps this is the best place to look for.


I found rather quickly a Hungarian set of 1939 titled Hungarian churches a piece of which featured the Great Church. I did not have enough of this stamp of course so I turned to Csaba Sutoczky again. He knew at once which stamp I was looking for  and asked me how many I needed. I told him the number in awe, I needed some 100 – 150 pieces. You would get them, he answered at once. To finish the picture was an easy task after.

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