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70 years to Ferihegy Airport

88_Ferihegy 70 éves_70 years to Ferihegy Airport.png

I heard the news of the 70. years anniversary of Ferihegy airport from a friend of ours, Daniel Somogyi-Tóth. I investigated a bit and learned that an airport was already built in the early forties but it was badly ruined during the 2nd world war. It was started to be rebuilt and a new terminal was constructed as well. This building which was started to be built in 1947 was handed over to the passengers on May 7, 1950 and the flights from here were ceased in 2012 is known as Terminal 1. I was my husband who told me how famous this building is.  The layout of the building drawn by the architect Károly Dávid Jr figures an airplane viewed from above. The departure and arrival hall figures the fuselage of the plane, its forefront from the town side is its   horizontal stabiliser and the multi-storey buildings looking at the airside of the airport show the wings of the plane. The architect planned a viewing terrace to the airside of the terminal and also two free stoned towers in the pattern of the two engines of the imagined airplane. This story of the building itself was the starting point for my picture. I used only Hungarian stamps issued in the same year, in 1950 to form the building while the blue sky as the background was made by using also Hungarian stamps figuring airplanes. I asked my husband to find stamps out of that many I have to figure the planes on the picture. He was asked to find such planes which most probably visited Ferihegy airport any time. I placed twenty pieces on the picture referring to the anniversary year 2020.

Size: 65 x 50 cm

Status: on offer

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