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92_Csipke újragondolva_Embroidery in my own words.png

Size: 40 x 50 cm

Status: in private property

Embroidery in my own words

In making this picture I used also material other than stamp. The whole thing started with a tidying up when I found some old embroidery pieces. I did not want to throw them away and when I tried to find new place for them it came into my mind to make a pictures using the one featuring a cluster of grapes. From this point on everything happened very quickly. It was easy to find the stamps for the background of the grapes, I had used this stamp earlier as well. This stamp of a Russian issue of 1975 which features birds is very nice in colours. The posting of the piece of embroidery was successful for the first attempt although I had had fears before. The embroidery pattern on the remaining part of the picture was made of stamps, I simply reversed the colours in this part. The most difficult was to make the grids. The first step was to draw them, I fabricated slim strips after and then came the posting of the two millimetre wide strips. When I started the picture I did not have the idea of what I wanted to do but finally seeing the result of the joyful work I think it was worth doing it.

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