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Golden Summer

93_A nyár aranya_Golden Summer.png

During the virus caused pandemic we got to be addicted to take a daily walk and to bike. Luckily enough we live in a neighbourhood where we can do that safely. Once we passed a sunflower plantation by. It was so beautiful that I had to take a photo and I was lucky to catch a bee on a sunflower. Having arrived home I went to the “stamp room” at once as I knew I had a stamp from Cuba featuring bees. I found quickly the one I needed. I was looking for the yellow one remembering that I had used them for painting the yellow on my picture Taormina as I view it. I was happy to find several hundreds of the stamp of 1986 issue picturing the Forgach Castle in Szecseny. While to draw the sunflower was a quick job the painting itself took much time. I used stamps from Indonesia and the Ajman Emirates for the background. I was thinking of the title for a long time, asked even advice from my Facebook friends too. And finally it was my husband who is my most enthusiastic and arduous supporter who gave the title to the picture.

Size: 51 x 60 cm

Status: on offer

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