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Children's Drawings from Cuba, 1971, 1987

94_Kubai gyerekrajzok_Childerns drawings from Cuba.png

The story of this picture started in Vienna where we were on a “study tour” together visiting among other the Leopold Museum to get acquainted with Hundertwasser pictures. We saw a picture featuring faces which did not left me rest. It was the arrangement which grasped me. So this was the start. The end result on the other hand does not resemble to the picture giving the motivation. The picture, as always, took shape permanently, in slow motion.  I made a sketch first, I searched for the suitable stamps, I started to glue still not knowing what the end result would be. I had been coquetting with these Cuban stamps of 1971 issue, I did like their colour very much but I did not know what to do with children’s’ drawings. But his time I made use of the stamp, more exactly the stamp in several hundreds of copies. I was almost ready with the pictures but still something was missing. I found the missing chain in the form of a drawing of my little child David who made it for his grandma in 1987. His father is Cuban, this was the reason of the title of the picture. I would, therefore, dedicate this picture to my oldest son’s Cuban family.

Size: 33 x 87 cm
Status: in private property

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