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Beatles on four wheels

95_Beatles négy keréken_Beatles on four wheels.png

I am not a great Facebook fan, I use it just to show my pictures to a wide audience. I admit that the many positive reflections I receive on this site give me much force to my further work and also supported the birth of a very special picture. The starting point was when I invited my followers to play a game after the interview about me appeared on the website of the paper. I offered an album of my pictures issued earlier containing my best pictures so far to those who knew and of course wrote me who was the one who had defined my art earlier as “painting with stamps”. The right answer was the name of a famous art collector, Peter Antal. Everyone who gave the right answer was presented with an album. I sent it to some of them by post but those who lived or worked near to my working place came to fetch it. Thus I met Tamas Gesztelyi as well. He did not come empty handed, he brought many-many stamps for me. It turned out that he was a stamp-collector, Beatles fan a cyclist in the same time. This is what he wrote about this meeting later: “… She did not present her stamp-collection but her very nice pictures made using stamps! I was seduced at once, I wanted to have a picture myself! …” The idea did not leave me rest, how could I make a connection between stamps (Bélyeg in Hungarian), the Beatles and a Bicycle? But the solution was born by the evening: the band will sit on a four wheeled “bi”cycle while I will put the notes of Tamas’s favourite Beatles song, “A Hard Day’s Night” in the background. The most difficult was to find the proper photo of the Beatleses. Their hair is very well-set on almost all of the pictures but I wanted to see them with wind-blown hair as they were sitting on a bike, didn’t they? Their dress was patched with subtitles showing different countries to express their world-wide success.  I was waiting for Tamas very heatedly: would he like the picture? So let’s cite him: “Great! My 3B picture is ready! Beatles, bicycle and both made of stamps (Bélyeg)! I do like it! Thank you for your imaginative and creative work, this will be the nicest piece in my room!” And just not to forget: I received many pictures from Tamas again, I was happy to work with him!

Size: 66 x 38 cm
Status: in private property

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