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Advent candles

77_Adventi gyertyák_Advent Candles.png

I made a picture in the Advent topic in 2016 already. This time when the Advent preparations were started on the fourth Sunday prior Christmas I started to preper our second wreath as well. The only differnce was that it was not made of pine sticks but of stamps like the candles figouring the four Sundays too.


I remembered to my Dutsch stamps figouring poinsettas, a kind of flower Hungarians like in Christmas time. These very nice stamps were put into the center while the four candles were placed around them. The colour of these candles is the lilac representing according to the catholic faith except of the one representing the third Sunday as it is pink as this Sunday is the Sunday of joy. The interesting features of the flames are the stamp in them showing the Madonna statue of the Mariazell Pilgrimage Church. I had chosen this stamp as I wanted to have Jesus on the picture made for Christmas, the holyday for his birth. Thus like in Mariazell, child Jeus is in the lap of Maria Madonna. It is very interesting to know that the statue is dressed up into ornated dress on the three most important holydays, on Good Fridays, on Maria’s birthdays and on the birthdays of the city itself. These expensevie ornated dresse used to be made and presented by noble ladies and most of them used in nowdays even were made originally in the 19th and 20th centuries.  

Size: 48 x 40 cms

Status: on offer

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