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In motion

In the beginning of the Winter we went to Austria as my husband had some official programs there. I escorted hm and we organized some interesting programs. We saw the Dürer – Chagall – Picasso exibition in the Albertina in the palace of Archduke Albrecht in the center of Vienna. We had also the opportunity to listen to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the imposing Grand Hall of the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Finally we made an excursion to the mountains, to Semmering. Getting out from the car I discovered a statue at once. It figured a skier. It reminded me to a stamp hundreds of copies of which I received from my supporters in Budapest on the Hunfila exhibition.

I looked forward to arriving home, I started to search for the stamp at once upon getting in my stamp room. The resemblance between the stamp from Chile and the Austrian statue was stunning. One might think that it is an easy task to lay out the stamps buti t proved to be really hard to reflect that intoxicating feeling the skier can smell when running dowhill on the snow. Eventually I added a Hungarian stamp to the composition as well to strengthen the general effect of the picture. 

Size: 32 x 46 cms

Status: on offer

76_Lendületben_In motion (2).png
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