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Swan Lake

75_Hattyúk tava_Swan lake (2).png

I do like Tchaikovsky’s ballet, Swan Lake. I got seized by its music at first. A listen always to some music when painting, mostly the Swan Lake; it fascinates me, I get enchanted. It was the year of 2019 when I saw first the ballet and not just anywhere; the world famous Bolshoi Ballet was on tour in the Covent Garden Royal Opera House. Their performance was my first meeting with this ballet. It was a really wonderful evening! The performance was excellent but something was missing for me. It was the passion I missed.

Thus we decided to see the ballet once more, this time in the performance of the Royal Ballet itself. We have chosen a performance with Marionela Nunez dancing Odette/Odil as she is my favourite balerina. I hace seen of course he movie Black Swan which inspired this picture. The movie shows us the backstage, lets us see how hard work is that of the dancers’. The white and black swans are presented by the same balerina on the stage so the task is even harder as the two characters are completely different. Odett represents innocence and gracefulness while the Black Swan is the wicked seducer. Pure ballet technique is far not enough for this role, much more is needed. I intended to present this duality; we have a girl on stage who is an innocent, white soul in one moment and a wicked black bogy in the other.

Size: 51 x 45 cms

Status: in private property

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