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At the gate of Heaven

121_A Mennyország kapujában_At the gate of heaven (1).png

I listen to my mother recently she was storytelling to my daughter Zsofi. She told a story about her mother’s grandfather who participated in the Great War as a hussar. This story made me to remember to our family tour to Canterbury in 2019. We saw in the cathedral garden an interesting monument titled War Horse. The monument was erected in the result of the cooperation of the Art College of the Canterbury University and the collective of the Canterbury Cathedral to commemorate those almost eight million horses who fall in the fights of the Great War. I decided to erect my own monument to commemorate the horses dyeing a horrible death in the fights while serving people. People those days used already machine guns, mine- and grenade launchers, chemical weapons, flamethrowers and even tanks. My first thought was to use stamps featuring different horses to paint the central figure but later I dropped this idea. I decided to use a Hungarian stamp featuring pentathlon horses eventually. I painted the body with these pictures but before gluing I cut them into bloody pieces symbolically. Originally, I wanted to figure the cathedral itself also but when the gate was ready, I saw the gate of Heaven before me with the eight million horses waiting for admission.

Size:  69 x 55 cm
Status: on offer

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