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Chess to the power three
Kasparov – Karpov

157_Kasparov_Karpov_8 February 1985_N (1).jpg
158_Karpov - Kaparov 85.05.08. (1).jpg

When we visited the Mali Chess Museum in Klagenfurt, Austria I was seduced by the enormous number of chess sets exhibited there. We learnt that people like this play everywhere in the world and that the fantasy of those making these sets is practically endless. I had made earlier already chess themed pictures nevertheless I took a fancy to make some more pieces. Sandor Szaraz who is a chess lover, player, organizer, writer and trainer as well gave me advise and helped also. When making the first picture of the series it turned out that the stamps used for it were parts of a stamp series so 2 x 2 colour combinations turned out from the magic box offering me the opportunity to commemorate some more world champions too.


I took the championship match of 1984-85 held in Moscow to make my third picture presenting position after move 22. The game was played by Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. When the championship match commenced in 1984 was being played already for six months and the players played their 48th game the match was abandoned upon the decision of the the president of the International Chess Federation. He pleaded the health conditions of both players but both players protested against the decision. The match was restarted in 1985. This time Kasparov who played with the whites in the 22nd game won getting to be the 13th world chess champion. The “chess board” was made of stamps again but the figures were made by me using stamps as well.


To present the same position I made another piece but in 3D. When making the piece a had to sold a new problem, how can I protect the chess board made of paper and stamps but our friend from Luton solved the case.

Size:  32 x 32 cm
Status: on offer

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