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Many people like cats. We also had some in the family for a while but after my daughter fall ill in consequence of a virus infection grandmas relegated them although not they were the guilty ones. Twenty years passed by and we have again a cat in the family, although in the broader one, in the family of my elder son, David. This picture was made to him and his partner Joy as a present. Their pet Casper, an angora cat gave the idea for this picture. I needed of course the nice Hungarian stamps as well. I used for this picture the series of cats issued in 1968. The interesting feature of the picture is that both colours were painted with different parts of the same stamp. The stamp was issued in the tiny African country Sao Tomé and Príncipe and it features a butterfly. The plain white colours of the background are given by the back of a Romanian stamp of with rare shape. And what else the two kind figures could suggest then love itself.

Size:  42 x 53 cm
Status: in private property

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