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Here I come, ready or not!

Here I come, ready or not!.jpg

1,2,3 ... Here I come, ready or not; everyone knows this play from the childhood. We played it many times too in the garden of our school in the afternoons. When we chose a good place to hide others might give up the search while we were waiting to find out who would get our place. Should we choose an easy spot to locate we were caught quickly.


I had this play even as a grownup and as a mother sometimes even inside with my children. Being still small they hid their small face with the hands thinking if they did not see anyone I did not see them too. There are of course many places in a home to hide. I saw them where did they go but pretended as if I could not find them searching for the littles loudly and laughing together in the end. This is what this picture is intended to present. Its speciality is that I used the same stamp to paint the hair and the face. The hands form my own hands while the flowers come from an old embroidered table-cloth.

Size:  42 x 50 cm
Status: on offer

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