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Congo Tamtam

71_Szól a kongói tamtam_Congo tamtam.png

I have received many stamps from the Aron Gabor Philatelist Group. It was a challenge for me to find a topic for these stamps. It seemed to be a hard task on one side as I sat down without any kind of concrete ideas but it was easy also because the lack of the idea on the other side. I put a CD into the player and started to put the stamps onto the board one by one. I finished the picture in one sitting. I took it next day to have it framed. When I chose the frame I still did not know what the title would be. Having it reday framed I took it home and unpacked the picture. My husband was the first to see it. When he looked at it he outcried: „I am hearing the sound of the Afrrican drums: tamtam, tamtam…”.

Just an additional remark: againg it was proved how important a good frame was. A good frame dresses up the picture, enhances its essence.


Size: D=34 cms

Status: on offer

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