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Autumn in Luton Hoo

Luton Hoo, a Mansion House and a park is on the border of Hertfordshira and Bedfordshire on  the river Lea. The lawn is extremely British and gives plave to one of the nicest golf course in Britain. Golfers do not disturb the squirrels, pheasants of the park, everyone can enjoy the landscape, the walk in the park. We use to go to the park just to relax, walk around. Last time we enjoyed the Autumn landscape in the Rock Garden built by the then owner of the Mansion Sir Julius Wernher for his wife. Other do like this place as well, Queen Elizabeth II. & Prince Philip spent their honeymoon here, but Winston Churchill addressed a huge audience also in the park a year later. Having spent a nice walk in the park among the huge trees turning to brown one can enjoy a really British institution, have an afternoon tee in the Mansion House. One of the largest tree inspired my Luton Hoo picture. One can find on it the park’s likeable animals while the plates seen on the trunk give an illiustration of the park’s history starting from 1611 up to our era.

Size: 38 x 48 cms

Status: on offer

72_Ősz Luton Hoo-ban_Autumn in Luton Hoo.png
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