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For Whom the Bell Tolls...

127_Akikért a harang szól_For Whome the Bell Tolls (1).png

The idea to paint this picture was born on March 5 in London. We attended a show in the Covent Garden Opera, we watched Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake. Musicians started the evening with the national anthem of Ukraine. Artist stated their solidarity towards the attacked country this way. The war between Russia and Ukraine has not been finished unfortunately by the time the picture was ready and it still lasts for more than fifty days. News talk about horror, tragedy, heroism and thousand forms of solidarity. Many people help to those who had to run from the country, others help with money and me with my picture. Its title is: For Whom the Bell Tolls… There is a flower on the pictures blossoming in blue and yellow. I used a great number of Hungarian and Dutch stamps to paint it. The special “stamps” made by myself featuring Ukrainian people are placed on the petals. They are people running away from the war, tormented by the war, heroes of the war. One can take notice the flag of Ukraine on the picture as well.

Size:  84 x 66 cm
Status: in private property

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