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Worlds meet

128_Világok találkozása_Wordls meet (1).png

This picture was painted upon a kind order and got the title of “Worlds Meet”. I received a kind letter from an unknown lady in the end of March. She offered me a box full of stamps for my further artistic work and also told that she had been occupied with the iconography of the unicorn for almost forty years and asked me in the same time to make a picture for her featuring a unicorn. I was glad to take the order notwithstanding of the fact that I had met unicorns only in tales before.

The most famous unicorn imagery can be found in Paris. It is a tapestry woven in the century in Flanders. Its title is “Lady and unicorn”. It consisted of eight pieces originally but six pieces remained for us only. Each of them features a young noble lady who experiences the six senses – hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling and desire – in the company of a graceful unicorn and a gentle lion. The unicorn is the symbol of purity and virginity while the lion represents solidity, courage and stability.

There is a wonderful unicorn imagery in Debrecen as well. Various furniture, equipment and the trade-sign of the “Pharmacy to the unicorn” can be seen in the Déri Museum in our days. The trade-sign prsents the year of 1772 and a unicorn in a semi-circumvented shape.

The above thoughts and research preluded the birth of my painting on which a horse has a kick against the unicorn. To paint the background, I used Hungarian stamps. Why exactly these stamps were used and why in this shape? I do not know but some critics would riddle this puzzle sometimes.

Size:  47 x 36 cm
Status: in private property

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