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Gemini 1982


This picture was made to my husband’s sons as a birthday present, I intended to make something special and I presume I succeeded. The picture features a two egged pair of twins not much prior to their birth. To paint the womb and the embryos T chose colours from the series made about the Belgian king. I was a long-lasting work to produce thousands of small stamp pieces. My husband took over large part of this work as he wanted to help me because of my ailing hand on the one side and he also wanted to participate in making the picture to have it as a joint present. To feature the body of the woman and also the background I used Hungarian stamps also cut into pieces. Using this cutting technique, I made my job to be much harder just before my hand operation by I succeeded to be ready just in time.

When I started to make this picture, I was aware of course that I will have to make two presents out of one picture. Many peoples work was needed to achieve this. I drew the embryos to allow cutting the picture into two parts without making any harm to it. Our framer friend solved this task very well. Then came the making of photos and to produce exactly fitting copies of the two parts. The final task was framing by making one picture using a half original and a half copy. Only the very attentive observer would detect the truth.

Size:  49 x 60 cm
Status: in private property

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