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Mystic Madonna

Mystic Madonna.png

When making this picture I was inspired by two factors: A piece of wonderful frame and a memory play. I received an old frame from one of my colleagues saying, it might be good for something. I took the frame home, cleaned it and put it on my working table. One evening when we played our usual party with my daughter a picture struck me. It was the frame with a woman’s figure it it. When we were on our usual tour in Vienna in the Summer, we visited the exhibition of the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch on the Albertina. We usually try to buy something in case of such visits just to remember to the occasion. This time we discovered a memory play in the shop and bought it for Zsofi. The cards figure Munch paintings. This play has become to be a great success at home, we play with it almost each evening. There is an unusual Madonna picture also among the cards. Having seen this came the idea to make my own Madonna by using the old frame. Thoughts were followed by actions: our framer Tibor Koncz cut the necessary board for me, I drafted the Madonna but what’s next? It was not easy to pick the stamps, I was searching for a long time until I found the English stamps with which I painted the figure: I cut the stamps and parts of the same stamp gave the face, the black hair and the red dress. My husband helped me a lot, he was the one to cut me the stamps. Both cutting and gluing took very much time in this case. It was also hard to find the blue background but I think it was worth to make it.

Size:  35 x 60 cm
Status: on offer

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