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Lone Poplar in the Night

85_Magányos jegenye az éjszakában_Lona Poplar in the Night.png

This is my first picture inspired by the Virus. Worrisome news are coming from everywhere, the world has been closed down, everyone is battling with the virus, against the virus. We all are at home, our way of life has been changed as well. Me and my husband are working in home office, the daycare canter attended by Zsofi has been closed down and my mother is not allowed to leave the house. As a matter of fact we are lucky as we are the four of us at home, can help each other, have each other to talk to. But many others live alone, their contacts exist online only. I was thinking of them when I painted this picture.


I was thinking of the lonesome elderly people and also of my son who is building up his own life in another town, far from his family. It is much harder for them, there is no one to smile at or to have a murmur with…  And why did I paint a poplar? May it because it is that tall and strong? Or may it because I looked at a rod alley when looking out from my window in my childhood? I do not have the exact answer, to tell the truth.

Size: 45 x 50 cm

Status: on offer

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