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What's gonna happen tomorrow?

86_Mi lesz holnap holnapután_What's gonna happen tomorrow.png

Whatever way life develops this madness will terminate sometime. It will happen anyway, irrespective where we live, how old we are, what kind of possession we have. Virus is a danger for everyone. I have chosen the stamps from among issues of different countries. There are women and man, famous people and ordinary ones among them my family members, my husband, my and his mothers, our children.


Virus invisible with our eyes becomes to be visible, it is everywhere around us, it stretches out its tentacles. It is frightful. But what is vague, what is indefinite, what is shaky is that many question marks in the air. Would we fall ill? Would we get well? What will happen after tomorrow? Would we have work at all? What will our way of life look like having this danger passed? Our time scale by today displayed before Christ and after Christ. How will we count time from now? The big question mark in the picture stays for all these questions.

Size: 40 x 48 cm

Status: on offer

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