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Névtelen terv (24).png

This picture intends to be a warning, where hatred and the unacceptance of diversity could lead. The title of the picture is Memento. January 27 is the Holocaust Memorial Day; this day is the anniversary of liberation of the largest Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. The picture is a memento for six million Jewish victims. I remember in the same time to all people pursued by the Nazis; to the gipsies, to handicapped, those of the political resistance, catholic priests being in resistance and Lutherans as well.  The exact number of the victims is not known but it might have reached nine million. The numbers shown along the menorah remembers us to the tattoos applied in the concentration camp. Those sent into the gas chambers were not registered, only those sent to work were numbered. The number tattooed onto the left arm is a memento of inhuman cruelty as starting from this point the captives did not have name but number only. They had even to learn the number in German to be able to repeat it upon call or during any gathering. The first tattooing technique applied was a torment for the victims as the number was tattooed on their chest. Tattooing onto the arm was started only in 1943.


Everyone must remember not to allow this to happen again!

Size:  59 x 47 cm
Status: in private property

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