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Brothers' Love

124_Testvéri szeretet_Brothers Love (1).png

I was always overwhelmed by Vincent van Gogh’s art. The painter had an extremely hard life. He did not get recognition at all but his life was full of hardship, deprivation. One single man put his faith in him, his brother Theo who supported him with his monthly transfers rescuing him practically from a starvation death. The link between the two was that tight that Theo followed Vincent half a year later even into death when he died at the young age of 37. Their grave is in a small French city, Auvers-sur-Oise. Through the seventy days spent here van Gogh painted a bit more than seventy pictures including those featuring the church Notre Dame l’Assomption. His agonizing, short life inspired my work titled Brothers’ Love. In the centre there is the church Notre Dame l’Assomption while all the sunflowers and citruses are just hints reminding the Dutch painter. These, nevertheless play the role of the background only. The main characters are the two men who walk side by side towards the church. We do not see their face but can identify both of them by their dress. Theo, the always elegant art dealer and the shabby, patchily dressed Vincent wearing his straw hat. Originally, I wanted to use only Dutch and French stamps to make this picture. I was almost successful in this, only the stamp used to paint the sunflower is of different origin.

Size:  52 x 69 cm
Status: on offer

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