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MoCoMo Art

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We were preparing for Christmas; all presents were wrapped and were waiting to be placed under the tree but I was not still ready with the picture for my husband. I was eager to start it but had to wait his leave; it is hard to make any picture in secret when he is at home. I had only some days at my disposal but I had planned everything before already in my mind. I chose a rather simple Dutch stamp but its colours were very specific and what was important I had a mass of them. It was not easy to use this stamp for painting as there was a huge number in the middle of it. My trick was to cut them in half and arrange them in a shape resembling to a bar code. A usual barcode has numbers on the lower space, I had the MoCoMo Art by Stamps title on it instead with a letter H before standing for Hungary.

Epilogue: I could not sit out for Christmas eve; my husband received his present at once upon his arrival home.

Size:  62 x 43 cm
Status: on offer

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