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menorah-woth-olive-trees (2).png

Size: 45 x 50 cms
Status: in private property

Menorah with Olive Trees

Many old and bew friends visited my exhibition „Stamps and Flowers” in 2019. Having the pictures seen my good friend Prof. Dr. Laszlo Hunyadi suggested that I should make a mezuzah. This word was unknown to me so I had to make a small research. I learnt that it is used in the homes of Jiddish people. It is a small box which contains a piece of parchment with handwritten citations from the Torah on it. I had to admit that I was unable to figure it on a stamp picture. In the course of my research, nevertheless, I got accross Zakariah, a Jew prophet. I learnt that a septifarious menorah appered to him on the two sides of which he saw olive trees nourishing the menorah thus the candles would never burn out. Having read this interesting appearence of Zakariah I made a sketch. I did find this sketch the other day and made the real picture. The most difficult part to make were he flames of the candles, I finally used stanps with yellow roses to paint them.


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