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An ancient passion

an-ancient-passion (2).png

Size: 50 x 41 cms

Status: in private property

We received an interesting book last year as Christmas present. This cookbook was written by Jozsef Vida and Victor Segal under the title „Whizz and Buzz of the Forest” as a gastro-adventure. With their help we can get acquainted with the íhungarian hunting territories, we can take a fancy to prepare and taste the finest game disches. The receipts are illustrated with beautiful pictures taken in the nature. The two authors are connected by their passion towards gastronomy as Jozsef Vida is a banker, CEO of TakarekBank while Victor Segal is a professional chef.


I was fascinated by the personality of the banker, I wanted to make a record of his versatility. I had seen already the new logo of the Takerek Group and I new I had many stamps related to hunting. Thus the task was to merge them in one composition. I chose the series of 1971, Hunting Scenes and also the Hunting Trophies of the 1966 issue. I drafted the logo by using them, the glueing was a routine already. I sincerelly hope that who gave the inspiration would really like the picture!

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