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79_Együtt Krisztussal_Together with Christ (1) (1).png

Size: 75 x 58 cms

Status: in property of the Greek Catholic Community House - Vásárosnamény, Hungary

Together with Christ

I received an interesting letter from the city of Vasarosnameny in the first days of January. The philatelist and plant doctor Sandor Kiraly wrote me. He had read an article about me and my pictures in the September 2019 issue of the journal Stamp World title „Pictures made of stamps”.  His idea was to have a stamp picture related to Father Christ in the recently built local Greek Catholic Church. I really did like his idea. To have a request to make a picture of christian topic was an honarable task for me. In a following exhange of e-mails we agreed that he and his wife would visit us firstly to get acquainted with each other and also to give them the possibility to watch some of my pictures in life. I waited Sandor and his wife Ida with a ready made plan when they arrived. The twelve apsotles sorrounded Christ on the sketch I presented them. This original plan became to be realized later, I did not have to make alterations to it. It was also decided that we should visit the Chourch in Vasarosnameny which happenned next day. We met vicar Tamas Erdei there together with my husband who was kind evough to show us around in the Church. We started our research work with my husband, started to look for icons, staretd to get acquainted with their colours. I wanted to represent our Hungarian sould as well thus I chose the series Hungarian Folk Art. I thought I had enough stamps as I had received many from Sandor as well. Furthering the picture I was compelled to admit that I needed to refill my stocks of stamps of Kalotaszeg. I asked the help of Csaba Sutoczky and on ethousand pieces of stamps arrived in a few days! Mnay, many thanks for his very kind help from here too! The garments and the background were ready soon, I was to make the faces after. I applied my method which I had used some times befor ealready, which is the printing method on the back of stamp sheets. But to choose the picture to print was not easy, we sat at the computer with my husband for hours to get the best choice. It is most natural that the glories and the sun beams were made of stamps too. I was happy to find the right stamps to figure them.


It was on Februaray 9, 2020 when the picture was placed in the Communal House of the Greek Catholic Church in the city of Vasarosnameny. We were happy together with my family to be invited to the small event of local people. I was escorted to the benediction by by 94 years old mother, my dsaughter and my husband too. It was a moving, touching moment for the, the artist when father Tamas Erdei lessed my picture by scattering it with holy water!

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