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My Steed is a Beautiful Chestnut…

142_Paripán csodaszép pejkó.png

Are you familiar with this poem? It was written by Sandor Weores who was born 110 years ago in the city of Szombathely. Another birthday, another picture painted by stamps. When the request to make a picture arrived Sandor Weores’ nursery rhymes came to my mind. I read many, many tells, poems, rhymes to my three children. Nice recollections… I took these poems just to get some inspiration. Which is the one what I can visualize with my own means? This I found the one starting with the following first line:


                                          My Steed is a Beautiful Chestnut…


A rocking horse being the dream of every child appeared in my mind surrounded by hundred racing steeds among the stars. This time I was happy as the Swedish stamps just unglued by my mother were still drying on the table. The stamps featured art pieces and one of them was an image of a racing horse. The other stamps were picked out of my special storage sa I remembered to the Dutch stamps of blue and orange colour featuring many, many stars.The composition itself was born quickly. I drew the image, put the horses into order and then came the hard work of cutting and gluing. The last step was to paint the children on the picture with the help of stamps of Cuban issue.

Size:  65 x 58 cm
Status: on offer

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