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Seventy Years

141. Seventy Years.png

This picture was made to commemorate my husband’s birthday. Its speciality is that it is not one picture but in fact two. The first picture which he holds in his hands was made by using the stamps issued by countries which he visited before. When making it I asked his help not saying of course why he was asked to list the countries. This step was followed by searching for stamps issued by the countries listed featuring art pieces. I looked through more than one box of stamps but was not able to find stamps from each country. When I put them in a kind of order it turned out that they cover a rather big area. I planned originally to glue them on a suitcase as it was a nice habit earlier but later, I dropped this idea because of the measures. Finally, Tibor Koncz, our framer helped to give the final shape to the picture adding a passepartout and frame to it.


The next step was to make the body and also the unconventional head shaping a circle without face. The face here is the family itself, we with his parents, children, daughters-in-law, Zsofi and myself. It was our photographer friend, Imre Danko who helped me to kame the photo-montage. At this point music was missing only. Those are the violon keys on the picture which stand for music here. When selecting stamps, I found a Hungarian one issued in 1975 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy. The cutting of the seventy pieces of violon keys was made of course also in secret just like the whole process of painting went on. When I worked on the details I did it in a separate room where entry was forbidden to but I made the assembly phase when he was away on a trip.

Size:  70 x 100 cm
Status: in private property

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