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Janos Acs, the world-famous conductor was the one who asked for this picture and he gave its title as well. He was born in Hungary but lives in Italy for the age of 22. He toured almost the whole world, worked together with outstanding artists and is also proud for the being friend of Pavarotti. It was our passion for opera and Pavarotti what brought us together but a joint friend Tibor Koncz farmer from Varga Street in Debrecen had his part in it as well.

When Janos visited us first time, he asked me at once to kame a stamp picture. He wanted to make a present to the 92 years old mother Sarika, wife of a famous doctor, dr Pal Zsambeky of Szombathely. 
Having my picture “Pilgrims at one time and now at Csontvary's cedar” finished I started to sort pictures just to have a rest. Doing so I discovered a Hungarian stamp featuring the Roman Catholic church of Gyongyospata and its ornament the Tree of Jesse sculpture ensemble. I searched for its background and found out that the Tree represents the genealogy of Jesus Christ and those sitting on the limbs of the tree are Jesus’ ancestors. We went to see the altar next week-end, it was marvellous!

Using the tree pattern, I painted a tree of life with 19 flowers. I looked for stamps of Polish issue just to remember to the Polish carvers who made the Tree of Jesse in Gyongyospata. The flowers were painted with stamps featuring lace work of Kiskunhalas while I used British stamps of lilac and rose-colour for the background. The most interesting part of the picture is the lace lying below the tree of life. One can see also two photos showing mother Sarika herself and her daughter mother Miriam. The other interesting feature of the picture is El Greco’s Madonna, which stamp was issued by the Post of Equatorial Guinea.
As I have told already the title of the picture “Origin” was given by Janos Acs. I know from him that mother Sarika has already received the picture.

Size:  37 x 54 cm
Status: in private property

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