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On the operating table


I did not have any fear when I was pushed into the operating theatre but still every single piece of mine was shaking. I wanted but I could not mistrust the shiver. I observed people around me who asked me the hundredth time already if I had any allergy. I remember only one thing, the eyes of the anaesthesiologist. The next scene is the intensive care unit being asked if I wanted to have painkillers. How much time elapsed prior this scene and what did happen to me I do not remember at all.  One slight engram still emerged. My hands did help to remember. When I was able to sit, I chose a Dutch piece of stamp and started to glue them without any special plan. Having done that, I painted lines onto the background. People at home started to ask me what that was? I did not know myself until realizing that these were the lights of the operating theatre leaving marks in me notwithstanding of my eyes having closed.

Size:  60 x 60 cm
Status: on offer

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