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Artists' love: Czobel & Modok


The book Artists’s Love written by Krisztian Nyari gives an insight into the life of the Hungarian painters of the 19-20th centuries. Interesting lives, interesting faiths not one of the being tragic too. One of these stories caught me at once. I read the story of Bela Czobel’s and Maria Modok’s love many times in vain, I did not understand it. Why did the woman being a successful painter for ten years already lay off painting? Why her husband Bela Czobel who really loved his wife accepted this step? How could it happen that he found his wife’s paintings painted secretly only after her death when he was sorting her belongings saying: “I simply do not know when did she paint all this staff…” I, thus, painted them staying hand in hand before the building of the Czobel Museum in Szentendre looking at each other. The husband’s dress is patchy of paint referring to his self-inauguration to be a painter by pouring paint onto his dress. One can see his picture Mimi in the windows painted by me by the stamps issued showing this very picture. In the window on Maria Modok’s side one can see stamps figuring Szentendre since her pieces are still to be discovered. Both of them held a paint brush; the woman’s piece is broken as is her career.

Size:  78 x 48 cm
Status: in private property

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