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"Hungarian Rhapsody"
to the memory of my father


This picture presents the final position of the 1995 Amsterdam match between Judit Polgar and Alex Shirov. The idea to make the picture arose when we were searching with my eldest son between family relics and found a chess set which had been bought by my father even prior to my birth. He taught me to play chess using this set and he did so later with his grandson as well. Neither of us plays chess but I did not want to through it just out as we have very warm recollections tied to it. I did not have thus other choice; I used the set to make my next picture. It is not that easy to make a picture using a chess set at all, anyhow. I had to find an artisan first to cut the pieces in half. I started to search and asked several people when finally got across Peter Buglyo, an outstanding hooper living almost the next house to us and who was able to make this. The next step was to decide which play to present. It was obvious that this could only be a play of Judit Polgar, but which one? I started to search for the play in the huge database of , I found the play here. To make the board I used special stamps: to paint the white I used a Hungarian series while to paint the black ones the paint was of Vietnamese stamps the beautiful colours of which caught me.

Size:  64 x 64 cm
Status: in private property

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