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Camels at Chephren's pyramid

116_Tevék a Hafre piramisnál_Camels at Chephrem's piramid (3).png

There are many Dutch stamps among those which I bought recently. One of them is a kind of mass stamp of dazzling colours which reminded me to the fabulous richness of ancient pharaohs. I knew at once that I would make a picture with these stamps, but what and how? I turned out very quickly that to use the stamps as they were was impossible. I took thus the scissors and started to cut and chop. I did not like the usual forms so I tried to cut triangles. The triangle reminded me to the Egyptian pyramids about which I read so much in my childhood. I called the internet for help just to find the Great Sphynx of Giza and also Chephren’s pyramid. I sketched them to start the Sisyphean task: cutting and gluing…. When doing this work it came into my mind that I had also stamps figuring camels. Thus, they became also to be part of the picture. To find the blue of the sky was a hard task again but finally I managed it.

Size:  57 x 46 cm
Status: on offer

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