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Praise of Butterflies

131_Pillangó dícsérete_Praise of butterflies (1).png

The idea to make this picture was born on an exhibition. My husband took me to Verulamium Museum in St. Albans, UK as one can see ancient Roman mosaics here. There is a very nice park with playing ground and an old Church as well beside the museum. The huge mosaics caused a surprise for me, I could not have imagined there existed such pieces anywhere. Inside the museum I discovered a very interesting painting on the ceiling which just turned my phantasy on. In Verulamium birds played the main role but I used Hungarian stamp series featuring butterflies while three butterfly laces which we bought years before in Burano, Italy were placed in the middle of the picture. I tell you another secret, the red colour of the background was painted with a Hungarian stamp of 1947 issue featuring Mihaly Tancsics, a famous Hungarian revolutioner.

Size:  49 x 49 cm
Status: on offer

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