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Orgy of Colours with Peacock Feathers

Orgy of Colours with Peacock Feathers (1).png

Having finished the butterflies another animal’s turn came on, that of the peacock. A piece of peacock feather inspired me. I had kept is for many years when it was an honoured part of the decoration at home until the doom caught it, it broke into two pieces. I did not have the courage to throw it out thus I decided to use it for my next picture. Having a piece of peacock feather I created the peacock herself together with her wonderful dress. To feature the feathers, I used Polish stamps but I had to cut the original to get this beautiful blue. If someone watches the picture attentively can find also the Hungarian stamps I used as well.


I did not speak about the background yet although to paint it was a great challenge. I chose Dutch stamp eventually. I share secret with you as well: my husband was an important assistant in making this picture as he made the raw material for me. He used the scissors very intensively as I could use one third of this Dutch stamp only.  I do like these stamps and I used them before already to make the pictures about the Chephren's pyramid. Fortunately, I keep thousands of the on my shelves.

Size:  60 x 51 cm
Status: in private property

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