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69_Szivárvány II_Rainbow II.png

As Rainbow appears after rain, it is a phenomenal effect of nature. hould one see a rainbow cries with a bright smile on the face: look, a rainbow, how nice it is! Rainbow in the Bible, in Noe’s story represents Lord’s assurance saying there would never be such a flud ever more. Rainbow is for a lonf time the symbol of hope, reception, longing, aspiration and of course multi colouredness. For me it represents our multicolored world, I wished to present it with this work of mine. According to tradition rainbow consists of ceven colours. I was looking for the right stamps for a long time just to find stamps for showing each colour by using stamps of different countries: I used Hungarian, Arabic, German, Hellenic, Dutch and British stamps, but really th ered was the hardest to make.

I would like, finally, to share a curiosity with you. The widely used human body proportion scale was configures in the 16th century. According to this scale the height of a human body is exactly eight times longer than length of the head. I drew my figures excatly according to this scale.


Size: 58 x 35 cms

Status: on offer

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