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111_Recycling (1).png

When I am ready with a picture, I spend some days with sorting. This is an important but not much liked phase in my work. But it is really important as when looking at a nice stamp new ideas may arise. I do have to know my stamps well as they are my “paint”. During my last sorting days, I took a box in which I had collected old Hungarian stamps from the era of the 1st World War for a long time. One can see at first sight the age of these stamps, they are damaged a bit and they are faded as well. I have received them exactly because they do not fit into any collection already. I had no heart to throw them away earlier so I gave them the main role on this picture. And the miracle did happen eventually, by strengthening each other they became to be altogether a very nice picture.

Size: 46 x 48 cm
Status: in private property

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