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Forever Pavarotti

110_Forever Pavarotti (3) (1).png

My husband’s birthday was approaching and I was thinking about the present I would give to him. What would he be glad about? Finally, I opted for Luciano Pavarotti. We are always open to listen to his magical voice. I looked through our CD and DVD stock when I realised that a stamp picture figuring the Italian tenor would be the best present. I had one week at my disposal to finish the picture as my husband was on a business trip. It came also to my mind that when singing alone Pavarotti always sang with a white handkerchief in his hand. Pavarotti thus stands on my picture backwards to us with handkerchief, with his trade-mark in his hands so every opera fan would recognize him at once. His figure is surrounded by the sun, by the heaven.

Size: 48 x 55 cm
Status: in private property

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