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Noe's Barge

109_Noé bárkája_Noe's Barge (1) (1).png

This picture was made upon the request of Zsofia Györi, director of the School and Foster Home of The Reformed Great Church or Great Reformed Church in Debrecen. This institution has been active in caring for and developing of disabled children for thirty years already. Our family is also very much grateful to the dedicated team of the school. When my daughter Zsofi had to leave the school 15 years ago because of lack of space sha was told that her mates would be glad to see her back should the school has new spaces. We had to wait for many years for this but the new building will soon be ready on the Kishegyesi street where the picture will find its place on the wall. I have chosen this story from the Bible because I wanted to make a picture the background of which might be known for many people and which might also be interesting for the children to look at. When I was painting the picture, it was Spring outside and we were waiting for the arrival of swallows. Our swallows had not come back unfortunately although there were times when even ten families of them were living with us. This was the reason for having the swallow on the picture. The stamps featuring the animals on the ship were also be sorted for many hours but the homologization of the stamps lasted for even more time. The body of the ship was made by using Austrian stamps and the duality of the sky and water contains Hungarian stamps.

Size: 74 x 54 cm
Status: in private property

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