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Let there be Peace!

112_Legyen béke már_Let there be peace (1).png

We arrived from Rome full of new experiences. We visited the eternal city in autumn first and now in a wonderful spring time. We kept on getting acquainted with this unique city, with ancient Roman ruins and catholic churches almost on every corner. I made this picture under these influences already at home. Its central figure is a pigeon with an olive branch. Having seen art pieces of different times it attracted my attention that people assigned great significance to pigeons almost in every era. In the antique times people considered them to be the envoys of the gods, in the Early Christian pictorialness pigeon symbolized soul while nowadays we think of pigeons as symbols of peace. I chose a wonderful English stamp featuring the St. Edmundsbury Cathedral for the background while to paint the pigeon I used stamp edge having exotic patterns.

Size: 63 x 34 cm
Status: in private property

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